Thursday, August 13, 2009

This was NOT supposed to happen.

So way way long ago Dylan promised me he'd take me to see a meteor shower. I still haven't seen one.

Last night was our first real failed attepmt. At 11ish we went out, fully equipped with 2 towels to sit on, a pillow, a dome umbrella, 3 of my cameras, 2 Starbucks double shots + a box of Cap'n Crunch. At first it was a'ight, just lot of lots of clouds, then it started drizzling. Then it started pouring. So there we were, huddled under this dome umbrella not even 3 feet across, trying to save my cameras + pillow. Needless to say, our towels + backs took the brunt of the rain. Or so we thought.


And this is the only shot I got.

He still owes me a meteor shower.

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  1. Well...I read it and it was interesting and charming with a touch of surealism about it....
    Do i know what I am talking about? Not a bit,,,,but I know what I like...and I like.